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27 April 2011

lose interest on everything

recently, i think i have lose everything and even my interest on everything, i just felt like sitting or just laying down without doing anything,

i don't feel like talking, joking, having fun, and even EAT !

i'm serious on what i'm saying right now, i don't even feel like eating, i don't think like its necessary anymore, and i hate to admit this but few days ago i don't take any meal at all for a day, just some junk and water, and get scolded by parents -.-"
no heavy meal please?
and when i eat, i feel like bored and like just throwing those away, but i didn't do it for sure -.-'

i lose interest on having time in front of the screen too !
i do get on the line, but i don't do anything, just lurking like a fucking stalker, and guess what? not even for 30 minutes!
sorry I'm not censoring anything here in this fucking blog,

maybe cause i felt like just lose someone, someone that used to be with me, sharing secret and stories, would love to walk and spend time with me. Now? i just got the feeling that he's avoiding me, or just staying a bit away from me, sorry but I blame boyfriend for all this.

Sorry, Boyfriend !

 but the thing is, i love seeing that he's having time of his life. and I wish I could express how I am touched when they said we're like siblings,while u are away : |

pretty pretty please, can we just be like used to before?
i miss you dyy ; |

or maybe it just the flu . . .

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