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23 Jun 2011

It's " Hari Balapan & Padang SMKUT 2011 " laaa !

this year change already, from " Hari Sukan Tahunan SMKUT" to " Hari Balapan & Padang SMKUT "
macam ape je kan? well what ever it's call never important though  : /

the day started with heavy rain, " It's raining cats and dogs "
saya sendiri sudah ragu ragu nak datang sekolah, tapy day must go on kan?
takkan sekola nak cancel begituh je, so kite redahhhh je : P

Pictures fron that day : D
( credit Alyn Razali )

heeeee :D saya letak gamba saya banyak, kenapa?
eah suke aty laaa
more picture clik this link :
More Pictures  and much more pictures from other school mates :)

MHR <3

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