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11 October 2011

Exam Fever

recently ibu tanya when is my final exam. i just said "rahsia"
sebab it starts on 13th October :/

birthday tahun ni really not helping. but frustrating

dia nak focus study. so maybe no contact at all . starting this 13th :'(

kalaw bagitaw ibu, the chance of her taking me makan makan luar pon maybe diminished macam tuh je :'(

takpelaaa. i need to be strong :'(

that is why i don't wanna talk about my birthday this year ,
it's hurting.


Zaid Huda said...

my mom don't even know when my final exam was until the last paper.

exam final senang. tidur cukup, mesti boleh buat. hahaha

AYIEDA hotaru said...

hahahaha i only tell her when i got my marks already, and if and only if my marks are good hahah