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09 January 2012

It's New Year Baby !

:O :O :O :O :O
Ohmaigod da new year ! man i barely forgot about my dear "Addiction". haha nope just kidding there's just i have nothing to talk about. 

Form Five? Kinda cool, just wanted to slow down the time movement, i can't even think how could i endure the moment i don't have to school anymore.


Azam baru? eventually the last two years azam were succeed. 

2010 - Being a great senior
2011 - Get as much date as I can

so this year, i don't really put any specific azam, else than scoring well in my SPM *hopefully, crossing fingers*, i don't have any kott. yelaa as I'm getting older, you know, we need to be more realistic la kan. so jangan aiming for nothing . 

taktaw la kenapa kan, 2012 actually fine and fun. it just here, my heart wasn't really enjoying everything. i don't know why. like seriously. tapikan, nothing much to say laa, sebab we all just gone through 9 days ONLY. tak boleh nak conclude everything kan?

dan untuk yang tersayang, maafkan saya kerana perangai sangat menyakitkan hati. saya pun taktahu kenapa. mungkin sebab saya tiada orang disamping saya lagi. who knows kan?

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