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Review on BigBang's BAD BOY mv :3

G- Dragon : you're really rockin' your hair ! ! ! I love your style :D
Taeyang : You are damn hot . NY belongs to you man! No spikes, but beanie :E
SeungRi : I don't know why, but I really noticed you the least. :'/ more stronger appearance maybe?
T.O.P : I would really pay you for at least a night. Sexual sensation. O.o
Daesungieeeeee : Your arms :O ! Why the hell are you touching that B*? touch me!!! I won't resist :3

hey. okay today's #BigBangInvention goes to Bad Boy music video.
Okay aku taknak sounded bias, so aku check out some music video reaction on this freakin' MV. and I guess wouldn't much different from mine :D haha okay 
( Check out their reaction here :D )

masa aku first dengar lagu ni, it wasn't like I'm already a fan of BigBang. Just started to hear them.
and yes I really thought like :O :O :O
"awwwwww :') they are super sexy!"
"swag man, SWAG!"
"sexy bad boys on da street galsss!"

ha okay, aku tahu lucah sangat. muahaha. no i'm just stating my opinion. and aku memang camni, no explanation provided. jeng jeng. yeaa i think it's not worth forcing korang to love this mv, just like how much i love :D so yeah. WATCH IT!

One word? Awesome !

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