Who's Laughing Now - Jessie J.

Assalamualaikum :)

A little something about me you can't deny :]
Addicted to the one and only Mr. Adam Mitchel Lambert
I may annoy you a lot
Haters, shut your mouth, it doesn't worth it.
Leave comments after post or by the formspring box there :]
Relationship status - I'm dating someone :D
English > Malay *sometimes*


Raya HighLight :D

Kegilaan dalam kereta :D *Sibling 

Noraha Inc.

Noraha Inc. with Tok Ibu and Tok Abah :D

Syed Haffidzuddin yang femes tuh :O haha
Sekitar rumah Tok Teh di Desa Jaya :')
Aqeef Moment :D
Aqeef and Aiman moment :O *actually I'm off first Raya already. see? undo-ing
Rumah mak mentua di Kluang (?) hahaha no no no, rumah kawan lama ibu :)
baby-sitting my Abang :')
Mr Nor Ahmad :D
Mrs. Haryati
Siblong :D haha

Family ! Saranghaeyo !

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