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27 Oktober 2012 - TweetLimit & Big Bang Alive Tour In Malaysia

Tweetlimit memang babi -___________-

hey guys. hari ni ada Big Bang concert at Stadium Merdeka Kuala Lumpur. and yes! I am not going -.-

at first I was like, its okay, its okay. but then Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck -.-


but cannot go kan, alone -.- and what is left for me to do is, open up my twitter and retweet and fav everything i could. how ever. since morning, I've been tweeting a lot -.-and and and to retweet everything tonight is impossible.

for people who are not familiar with tweetlimit. Tweet Limit is Twitter thingy. It limits users from tweeting too much, cannot tweet, cannot retweet. ussually, malaysians got their own terms of twitter thingy. for tweet limit, they still call it tweet limit. for major countries (eg: US, UK), they call it "Jailed" means they are 'prevented' from tweeting as if they are in jail. thus, there are people, mostly fan-girls of a fandom, would have a 'jailed-account' which more to 'second account actually. they ussually got limit when they are trending their fan-thing, which always be done on twitter. examples ; Glamberts (Adam Lambert), Beliebers (Justin Bieber), Directioners (One Direction) . some says 100 tweets per hour is the limit. but if you read twitter policy, it says 1000 tweets per day.

sooo i dont know which one do i get limit from -.-. I was like. pffffft. I am so fucking desperate right now -.-

for how long . . . ? i dont really know. some says, just few minutes, to get it kinda relaxed a while. but now. . . .  it almost a fucking hour ! -.- kuajo betul laa. gua dah desperate gilooo ni -.-

TweetLimit memang babi!

I cant tweet, I cant retweet. so I am fucking Favourite everything now -.- Bangang! next post, fancam on the concerto :D see yaa

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