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21 November 2010

Just Like What I Said Yesterday, When I Ask Nobody Answers, But Then You'll See How Many Mouths Are Talking

then I'm really get to the highest of my heat 

duhai cintaku, sayangku lepaskanlah !
haha, it's just a song from the Indonesian singers
( Bunga Citra Lestari and Ari Lasso - Aku dan Dirimu *I and You* )

okay going that far huh? back to the base , 
okay dearest friends, I'm sorry if lately I'm being so emotional,
a little joke make me pissed off,
I knew, I shouldn't be like this,

but guys, sometimes when I'm being serious please be too, can ?
I love joking with you guys,
most of the times !
but sometimes, we just have to move out from the track,
a few minutes would be fine okay ?

know what?
I really wish that I could tell you guys,
he no more text me,
and that day , 15 November 2010,
was the last day I feel close to him,
after that I think I lose him already,
he's too far away now !

maybe because of that, I've lose my mood also,
I'm Sorry okay?
I Love you guys so Much !
just doesn't get into my mood,

and awkward-ly
Adam Lambert is the only person makes me smile and laugh,
and claps my hands too.

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