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22 November 2010


He has 3 albums already!
RM 49.90
twice about to buy it, 
and every-time I tried to buy it,
monkeys disturb -.-"

also got Tour Edition
which is also RM 49.90

December are coming, and he gonna release one more album,

Adam Lambert Acoustic Live

a 5 Song EP of stripped down versions of five of Adam's most popular tracks
the cost ?
ouh you guys can teka already kan?
actually the cost haven't anounced yet

so tambah tolak , all of it cost almost RM 200.00 right?
I don't care, I wanna buy those !
but damn !
to buy all of it in one time will kills me,
it's not that I don't have the money,
but in one time , u know what people gonna say,
so decided ,
gonna buy it one by one , step by step ,
just please jangan sold out !


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