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15 December 2010

awak ! Kite bosannn sangattt !

hey everybody, well act i'm soo thrilled ~ haha
nice la, at last, a hang out, after few weeks no hang out !
yeah but tonight must sleep early,
if not gonna awake at 1PM, haha ^^

let see how a 1PM-just-wake-up  girl today! ^^
haha ^^ yeah, maken booolat ! iknow iknow 

okay semalam kan,
i dload one full album !
-.-" bukan Adam Lambert punya album laa

this album
(da google, but xde pon cover dye, so snapshot je laa ^^)

haha, okay guys, i memang xdengar lagu2 jiwang karat 80's niee,
it is for my beloved mommy and daddy, 
kasihan mereka xde lagu zaman mereka mudamuda dalam phone ^^
mereka beli album than pasang dalam kereta,
and whether i like it or not, i have to hear those -.-"
and ade la lagu2  yang i da hafal sekarang
well imagine laa, on the way go and back from tangkak,
hours in car, hear this kind of song, berulang ulang,
x impossible if i da hafal okay ?

one of my favourite
*well this only one je kott
Masih Terserlah Ayumu - Exist's


anyone have astro kat rumah?
subscrice CNN?
tune in channel 511 (CNN)
on 15 December 2010 , 8.30pm till 9.05pm,
TalkAsia - Adam Lambert ^^

soo thrilled !

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