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16 December 2010

penaddd !

holloo everybody,
aduh penad penad, whole body is aching ,
damn, ahaha

semalam was great,
i sleep at almost 5 i think, then awaken by mommy at 7.30 something,
-.-" after this and that, there i am at Ulu Tiram at 8.45 something,
wait for 11 o'clock to arrive ^^

it's 11 and I still in the office,
about 11.30 rushed out to the bus stand,
few minutes chitchat then get into a bus,

arrived teros pegi bowling,
GAME ON, haha ! 

nice nice ^^

then makanmakan, and catch a movie,

hantu mak limah balek rumah - psst! boring film, don't watch it if u're searching for fun
soo jealous of hadi ! he could sleep, -.-"
i can't sleep at all, the guy beside me wearing deodorant and its stinks ,
and he being gay with his friend there , -.-"

done at 7.15 , bla bla bla,
they all go back home,
i continue shoppe till 9pm something with family ^^

haha, i missed TalkAsia -.-"
and i was like has promise Lambert to watch him,
maybe that's why, the cashier at the Reject Shop looks like Lambert to me,
gonna meet him again, he looks like Lambert !
i can't forget him !!!

when i enter the shop, he was playing with his hair,
like Lambert's doing, hee ~ 
so cute ^^

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